Odyssey Sound & Light Temple

Meditation Rooms & Energy Enhancement Environments
Photos of the Odyssey now located at the Longhouse Wellness Center in St. Petersburg Florida
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Odyssey at the Longhouse Wellness Center in St. Petersburg/Gulfport, Florida
Sound Healing Sessions Available with all our Soundscapes

— Meditation Enhancement —

— Increasing Vitality and Overall Well-Being —

— Self-Healing —

— Accelerated Learning —

— Mind/Brain Expansion —

— Balancing Body/Mind/Spirit —

— Connecting/grounding with Earth Energies —

— Raising Vibrational Levels to assist in Clearing Addiction Patterns —

— Activating Dream Awareness/Lucid Dreaming —

— Exploring Higher Consciousness —

— Initiating potentials for OBEs & Remote Viewing —

— Stimulating Creativity on all levels —

— Invoking profound physical transformation/rejuvenation —
and integration with the Spiritual Essence to the
DNA & Quantum Levels and beyond

— Initiating Evolutionary Potentials —
(clair-voyant, audient, sentient abilities; telepathy, ESP,
manifestation, healing abilities, transfiguration,
teleportation, ascension, immortality, etc.)

Visionary Music has been involved in the concept, design, implementation and usage of Energy Enhancement Environments (EEEs) since 1989. The original concepts were received during a series of visions and dreams, reawakening dormant knowledge from Atlantean, Shamanistic and Other realms of multi-dimensional sources of energy and information. This information combined with today's technological advancements in consciousness research are what make these environments truly unique and powerful. Gary and JoAnn ave been working with these theories and designs in alignment with the current evolutionary waves of enlightened consciousness now accelerating on the planet. Many individuals have experienced the profound healing work that is available to those who are ready to embrace the ancient knowledge and wisdom available from the healing temples of Atlantis. Sound Healing is a modality that is currently experiencing a resurgence of interest and will continue to increase in popularity as more people are able to understand the power of transformation within consciously created sounds.

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The work that Shapeshifter is doing is in perfect synchronisity with the changing world. As we enter the Third Millennium the knowledge we need to possess will be passed to us through talented artists with strength and determination, coupled with instinctual and shamanistic talents. I have always felt that music affects ones inner being, a very powerful tool that has yet to be explored. Shapeshifter is an innovator in this area. Their work is truly worthy of the description --Shamans.. -- D.G., Arub

I use the tape to help me get centered. In the beginning, I listened to the tape a lot. Now I use it as a tool to help me get back in balance and remember who I am. I believe the tape to be a powerful support system for me, because it is always available. I have been taking many risks, facing my fears and giving myself permission to be & experience. -- G.S., Riverview, Florida

I was able to "feel" the music so deeply within me, instead of just hearing it with my ears. I really got in touch with the power contained within the vibrations of sound -- very profound connection for me to make, since I have had trouble understanding the concepts behind sound healing. The music literally brought my whole being on adventures in the sky, the cosmos and the Universe - awesome experience. I felt like I was swirling and twirling around, pulsing in and out and expanding. I felt so much from the hands-on energy work, which I have had trouble feeling in other healing sessions I have had. It seemed that everything was so intensified and that the knowledge I was waiting to receive so desperately was right there as soon as I would ask. That night, I went to a group that I go to every week and everyone there noticed how calm and serene I was. -- R.E., Boston, MA

After the first 2-3 days, the speed of the music changed -- in my perception only. It seemed very lively and fast, then changed to slow, mellow and relaxing. I thought it was my tape machine at first, but realized it with in ME. My nagging chronic, low back pain disappeard upon waking the next morning after listening to my tape. My relationship with my boss completely changed for the positive, I believe due to my energy shift. -- T.M., St. Pete, Florida

I had pre-initiation activities during sleep 2 days after session & initiation 2 weeks later (am noticing I'm becoming more detached from my physical experience). Increased agitation with mundane job motivated me to quit 2 weeks after session (6 months earlier than planned - thank you, thank you, thank you!) This move enables me to get back to doing my Lightwork which is why I am here in the first place. I also touched into my pastlife in Atlantis, which I plan to continue to explore in more depth. -- D.G., Playa Del Rey, CA

Session following breast surgery -- Significant changes were noted: my pain had subsided, I went without pain medication for 2 days following my session. I felt expansion in my chest, a release of tissue and fascia that was binding me and causing stiffness around my right shoulder and breast. -- T.T., Tampa, FL

I feel this experience has strengthened me in my journey toward uncovering my wholeness. I'm getting better at taking care of me and forgiving myself for how long it seems to take me to change sometimes. During the week following my sound healing session, I often felt unreal, other worldly and somewhat light-headed -- I utilized these time to meditate deeply with some very profound and powerful results. This experience also helped me to bring some repressed sexual guilt to the surface which I had previously been afraid to explore. -- M.F., Milton, FL

I am a psychic and was at a fair and got a kirlian photo taken. The reader was astounded at the dramatic change shown in just 1 month after having my last one taken. She said, "Wow! You grew in a big leap, Your health is improving. There has been a closure in your Spiritual growth, you are incontrol of your emotions. Spiritual finger shows things being centered. Look at all the new lines in my fingers, shows you are in control of your emotions. You have made much progress in the last month." The only thing I have done in the past month was the work in the Odyssey!! -- J.B., Palm Harbor, FL