Our Mission

Visionary Music & Multimedia is dedicated to the merging and blending of Art, Technology and Higher Creativity in support of those who walk a path of Creative Evolution

In 1989 when we received the initial downloads of our mission parameters we were overwhelmed with the broad scope of the work ahead of us. We have been able to remain true to these higher visions for close to 30+ years without commercial compromise. In this, we feel a grand sense of accomplishment. Many of these early visions were part of the Greater Work for all evolutionary individuals who were being activated during this timeline. The time is right for further unfoldment and others are now in place to continue the realization of these expansive concepts. Many others on the planet have emerged and stepped up to actualize their personal roles in the bigger picture. It has been exciting to see these new generations of evolutionary creatives arising and adding to the gestalt of the whole. Our continued desire is to be able to support many of these amazing projects as they come into form and find their place in the building of the 5th World templates filled with greater freedom and creativity.

We believe that major emphasis should be placed on the transformation of the physical form — this is the true value and benefit behind our current body of work. It is imperative that the physical Body Temple be transformed to be able to integrate the higher frequencies that are rapidly unfolding on the planet for real progress to be made as the new Universal Human emerges. In this next phase of our work we will be shifting our primary focus to rejuvenation, longevity and anti-aging of the physical form leading to the collective potentials for conscious ascension, transmutation, immortality and all higher evolutionary potentials within our shapeshifting matrix of Life. This is the higher potential of our emerging DNAvatar group of evolutionary souls dedicated to grounding this work to the planetary grid. We will turn our attentions towards building the architecture of the Temple of the Divine MUSE, which will become the focal point of our projects for this next phase.

The fullfilment of various desires within the realms of abundance and manifestation can only be temporary measures unless the body is eventually transformed beyond the seemingly inevitablity of disease, aging and death. Without this transformational foundation, incremental progress that one may achieve in these areas is ultimately meaningless. True enlightement must come from the LIGHTening of the body — illumination and raising the Light Quotient of matter. At some point a choice is made to either move with the masses towards disease/death or towards ascension as a true pioneer of positive human evolution.

We will feed new energy into the Matrix from all the higher experiences we encounter throughout our creative process. The 25 multidimensional sonic landscapes we have created up to this point are energetic placeholders that will continue evolving from the growing pool of energy and potential. As we share and co-create the DNAvatar experience with numerous individuals around the World, this collective energy will inspire even more advanced soundscapes and other evolutionary works to emerge on many levels. These new soundscapes will be available in our Temple of the Divine MUSE YouTube channel.

We will continue to explore the possibility of synergy with other groups and individuals that will provide the greatest alignment with our core interests at this time. If you feel aligned with our mission and there is an intersect point where you see us coming together, please reach out to connect.

We remain open and excited for the transformational process to continue to evolve and remain commited to the Greater Work of Conscious Evolution above all else.

Gary & JoAnn Chambers / ShapeshifterDNA

P.S. We update our mission page each year to reflect the ongoing, ever evovling nature of our work. Last Update 2/2018