G-Mage Electronic Dance Music EDM

Multidimensional Music

Sonic Transmissions for Transcending the Matrix

G•Mage seeks energetic, evolutionary DJs to bring his music into the transformational festivals and EDM events all over the planet. If you love sharing music with large crowds and feel you have the unique style to share this style of music with others, then contact us to talk about our future visions. This is ideal for the DJ who is not also a musician, meaning we will supply the music, we just need you to be awesome and amazing in front of large crowds and want to assist in the positive planetary shifts. You will need to know how to use the latest DJ equipment while on stage and willing to travel and make connections to get gigs. Our projected timeline will be early in 2016 to have enough music ready to get started. We are open to multiple DJs in various countries to represent these transmissions. If this is you, then connect and we can start talking about the future.