Cyber-Shamanic Music

Let the Sounds and the Rhythms guide you
Move you, inspire you, light the fire in you ever deeper within
Activation and awakening, Eros and Spirit entwined

Traveling through Earthly and Alien Presence —
Merging with the primal essence
Within all Realities of Heart, Soul and Mind
Drink deeply now of that sweet wine

Visions of Past, Present and Future
Swirl and merge as One — It has begun
Mirrored facets of multiple dimensions
In Love's dance, that shining radiance
All Space & Time
Modulate the Lifewave

If you are currently listening to electronic music from the EDM, IDM, techno, dub, wobble, psychill, psychedelic, dream trance, trance & ambient genres, then you already have a basic intuitive understanding of where music can take you. Consciously listening to our CyberShamanic Music with intention will assist you in navigating to the next evolutionary levels of conscious awareness. Within the music, you will experience many forms of higher multidimensional intelligence speaking to you. Open your heart and truly listen, flow with the tones and rhythms, ever deeper in Love's dance. Acknowledge the Infinite Self within you and your connection to the ultimate higher power of the Universe as you dive deeply into the experience and you will approach Initiation.

What is CyberShamanic Music?

CyberShamanic Music is a merging/blending of technology and higher creativity into a musical expression that carries within its essence a message to those who are awakening to a new experience of being fully human. The core of this message is — To Evolve. Humanity, as a whole, is experiencing an evolutionary shift. The rapid acceleration at which this process is taking place is affecting the entire planet. We are experiencing this in many ways in which can no longer be denied — earth changes, dissolution of cultural and family structures, increasing addictions, repressed emotions being outwardly expressed in violence. At the opposite end of this spectrum is the ever-growing power of the Light — the positive force that awakens those that are ready to live in the true spirit of magic — the spirit of Creative Freedom. To do this will allow Love and Joy to be important aspects of your chosen expression. CyberShamanic Music has been created for those of you ready to walk in that Light and empowerment. This music serves as a catalyst and a vast source of information, that will enable individuals to understand and feel these positive flows of energy through their auditory, kinesthetic and intuitive senses. Much of the information contained within the music will bypass the limitations of the linear mind. This is because the music is created on a multi-dimensional levels. Thus, all aspects of the experiencer will be able to integrate and benefit from this knowledge.

NOTE: The term "CyberShamanic Music" was first coined by Gary & JoAnn Chambers at Visionary Music in 1995. It is a genre of music that will evolve and attract more musicians to create music that is truly reflective of transformative shamanic explorations in sound. The evolutionary development and commitment of the musician is the defining element in the quality of this style of music. It is not something that can be faked through pretense or hype. The true sincerity of this genre will always shine through.

Listening to CyberShamanic Music requires a soft focused receptivity and intention to receive the most from the experience. It is not musical wallpaper meant to be skimmed over lightly. You must be willing to let go into full states of natural ecstasy and communion with the Flow. Music in its original expression was a tribal experience. Much of it has since de-evolved into a shallow social experience of background noise stimulation that has entrained humanity to a lower vibrational rate. Welcome to a form of musical expression that awakens not only consciousness, but has been created with the radical intent of activating the dormant DNA codes and rejuvenating the temple of the body human. Raising the very vibrational structure of matter through empathic resonance, creating the possibility of increased longevity leading to physical immortality through increased energy flows throughout the bio-physical matrix. Through the increased awareness that is a part of this process, you will begin to consciously choose to live in the bliss and freedom of your full and glorious potentials — as the veils of illusion are lifted and you begin to remember who you really are.

As the sounds surround and envelop you, they travel through the cellular/DNA matrix, sub-atomic levels and beyond in joyful waves of modulation — ever deeper, ever onward. Something vague, yet hauntingly familiar begins to happen. Close your eyes, focus your senses inward and you will feel the energy within the music moving through you until a harmonic resonance is achieved creating a synergy of body, emotion, mind and spirit into the ecstasies of a perceived Oneness. This occurs through the blending of powerful vibrational frequencies on many levels. Depending on your willingness to Let Go and Go With The Flow, you can travel wherever the music guides you — using your sincere intention to explore past, present and future realities. Many magical journeys will unfold through the infinite and ever-changing windows and doorways of the shining labyrinths of our existence.

Vital information is deeply encoded within the melodies of the music — non linear and multi-dimensional in form and in substance. Allow yourself to experience this without the need to comprehend what may be happening on a mental level. Ask what you need to know and it will be shown to you through symbols/images, pictures, thoughts and feelings. Do not judge, simply open yourself to the magic that awaits within. In time, this information will become clear as the vibration steps down into the heart of matter and form; at which time your soul will be uniquely guided, according to your personal inclinations, to live the magic of your dreams and visions.

CyberShamanic Dance Waves

Trance Dance Waves or Conscious Dancing can be experienced in small groups at healing or yoga centers. These trance dances can have the potential of expanding to much larger venues from dance halls and nightclubs to major music festivals. The music begins in stillness, taking us deep within in flowing resonance to our cellular and DNA Light Codes, then rhythmically emerging in gentle yogic/tai chi style movements that align all neural circuits to our Light encoded bodies. Chakric energies begin balancing and connections are made to the greater matrix of all beings on Earth embodying the higher templates of the 5th Worlds of Light. The music builds and builds into ecstatic states of energetic movement, leading the dancers into higher states of consciousness. The waves are completed and resolved with a gentle journey towards stillness, encouraging deep states of meditation, then finally into silence to ground and integrate the experience.

NOTE: We are looking for those who want to host these events in their communities. We would like to call forth evolutionary DJs who would like to share our music at festivals and transformational events around the planet. Contact JoAnn for more info and visit our CyberShamanic Dance Waves website for more info.