Enjoy our Ambient ChillOut Lounge

FIRST STAGE: While our Temple of the Divine MUSE was waiting to ground in physical form to the planet, we began with our cyberworld version here with our Ambient ChillOut Lounge. The best way to begin engaging with our music is to turn down the lights, fire up a few candles, put your favorite screen saver on and sit back and relax a bit. Stop surfing and engaging with the outside world. Move to your inner space of harmony, balance and peace. The music will speak to you on many levels. We offer you many samples from all our albums in this MP3 player below, just let it shuffle through the various soundscapes and enjoy. When you find one that really speaks to you, consider getting the full fidelity complete soundscape and get started on an amazing adventure into multdimensional sounds.

Visit our new YouTube Channel beginning in Feb 2018 that will offer full length soundscapes of our newest music.


Note: You will be listening to some beginner soundscapes as well as our more advanced, so keep that in mind as you are listening. Some of the sounds may initially be discordant for you and that is a natural process for working with these sounds. It is important to absorb the foundational frequencies first in order to be more comfortable with the more advanced sounds. You can refer to our Music Page to review the beginner, intermediate and advanced soundscapes.
Plays Automatically - Select Shuffle below and let it scroll through all the samples or click on file name to play any selection
ChillOut and listen to some of the multidimensional music of ShapeshifterDNA
Visionary Music is available for all types
of Multimedia-based Projects

sound bytes – web files – gaming – CDs – DVDs – videos – commercials – film

Visionary Music is available to sell music world-wide to generate additional income from the music available on our CDs by licensing it for use in films, television, multimedia projects and commercial advertising markets. In addition to supplying individual pieces and cuts for projects, we are also available to create soundtrack packages for music supervisors and film editors to choose from. If you have a specific project that calls for creative electronic music, submit a preliminary proposal of your needs to begin discussions.