TLC Journey towards Ascension

image of Journey towards Ascension soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
  • Meditation Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Excellent for all types of self-healing
  • Good flowing piece for massage/reiki type sessions
  • Flavors of Angelics and Celtic Devas awaken higher imagination
  • Great for backgrounds environments to reduce stress
  • Ideal before, during and after sleep

Ascension is an on-going never ending journey, a continual process of lifting your thoughts, emotions and actions to a higher expression in all that you do and say. Every day, in every moment, you have an opportunity to chose to operate your entire life from a place beyond what is considered normal for a 3rd dimensional life. You can view all the situations in your life from a place of Divine Order, knowing that each event is a way for you to learn and grow spiritually. Ascension is a gradual, step by step journey which leads you deeper and deeper into a greater understanding of yourself, the world around you and the multidimensional realms of Light. This soundscape is called a Journey towards Ascension, meaning it is a pointer that shifts you into alignment with the divine codes that will initiate one into walking a conscious path of Ascension. As you align your being with the higher frequencies of this manifestation within the music, you will begin to see how you are resonating more and more with that which is of Light expression and less with that which is choosing to reflect the Darkness.

Ascension can be a simple process of lifting one's thoughts and desires to a higher perspective initially, but ultimately the goal with ascending is to consciously choose to move towards a transformation from a 3rd dimensional carbon based physical being into a 5th dimensional being of Light… walk in a lightbody, to become an enlightened one, an ascended master, one capable of shifting from the physical worlds to the etheric realms and vice versa. Ascension is a natural stage of our evolutionary process and one that everyone will eventually become aware of and ultimately to engage consciously in the process.

Journey towards Ascension Medley

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Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: Electronic Ambient Chill, dream trance, space, angelic, new age

Journey towards Ascension : 65:41