TLC Aya's Underworld

image of Aya's Underworld soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
  • Meditation Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Excellent for Shamanic Journeys to Lower Worlds
  • Deep transmission for clearing out density
  • Dark mysterious adventure to gain Personal Power
  • Connection to Earth Grid and Power Animals
  • Profound awakening energy for integrating shadow work

This soundscape has a lot of energy, movement and powerful shamanic rhythms, taking you deeper and deeper into the Underworlds. Contains some deep shamanic chanting to assist in the Underworld/Lowerworld adventures. There are many dark passages to assist you in delving into your subconscious realms where lost power and energy will be found. Excellent for doing various levels of your shadow work.

The Underworld is filled with lost power and strength which can be utilized, once transformed, to walk deeper into your spiritual path of becoming. It can also be a scary, fear-filled world if one enters these realms without support of the Light. This soundscape will assist you in incremental steps to take this journey via multidimensional sound and show you how to reclaim/recapture your hidden powers so that you can further actualize your personal mission with strength and resolve.

Aya's Underworld Medley

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Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: Electronic Ambient Chill, tribal, drone, dream trance, space

Aya's Underworld : 76:01