TLC 5th World Emerging

image of 5th World Emerging soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
  • Meditation Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Good for more active meditations
  • Works for conscious movement or dance
  • Rhythmic, ambient and mysterious
  • Great sound healing chants throughout
  • Evokes clarity of visions for shifting to 5th World dreams and visions

The world as it has been known to be is primarily a 3rd dimensional reality construct, which we call 3D. This is the realm in which we hold our primary focus of attention. This is the dimension where energy forms into what we call matter -- solid objects that can be seen and touched and considered to be a real, tangible form. Our bodies are 3D objects as well, meaning the cellular structure holds a continuous fixed pattern in the 3D realms. Our thoughts are not solid objects, they are ethereal in nature and they move into the 4D realms where we create, dream and envision the world around us. When we sleep at night, we move into the 4D astral realms and beyond that if we have developed our consciousness to do so. As humanity is now evolving and raising their Light Quotient to the next higher realms of manifestation, we emerge into the 5th Dimensional realms.

We have begun this ascent to 5D and many of us already reside there much of the time in our consciousness. It is in this 5D realm that one can begin to understand/comprehend how we exist in a multidimensional reality, by viewing their existence from a higher perspective than was previously thought possible. This allows for a much greater awareness and understanding of what is really going on in our lives and how the many pieces of our personal puzzle fit together into the ALL That IS. This is the realm that has been called Heaven on Earth or the 5th World template/matrix. By directing one's consciousness and intentions to connect with this realm while listening to this soundscape, you will find yourself clearing through much of the debris that has created a feeling of heaviness within you. Use this soundscape to travel beyond all your limitations and perceived defined realities into the realms of magic, wonder and creativity beyond that which you have imagined to be possible. Let yourself become the architect of this new world, building the necessary structures and templates that will allow you to hold your primary focus in 5D which still manifesting tangible forms in 3D.

5th World Emerging

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Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: Electronic Ambient, tribal chant

5th World Emerging : 54:19