Shamballa ~ Journey Home

image of Shamballa ~ Journey Home soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
  • Meditation Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Connect with Ascended Master Teachers
  • Accellerate conscious understanding of Light Language
  • Assists in all aspects of ascension process
  • Develops abilities to pierce the veils between realms

There is a place within all of us that is collectively known as Home. As ancient legends and myths throughout history have foretold, this sacred space may be experienced as a manifestation in 3D or as an inner sanctuary of multi-dimensional experience. In truth All is One. Within our DNA, lies the mystery and magic of Shamballa, simply waiting for you to initiate the process of awakening. As each soul travels their own path on the Journey Home, we continually raise our Light Quotient as we move into alignment with the waves of energy from the Galactic Core, through the Living Sun. This is the current cycle of the Shamballic energetics now accelerating conscious awareness on the planet.

Accelerating unfoldment at the nexus of planetary evolution.
In answer to The Calling -- this transmission from Shamballa.
A sacred space, a sanctuary of sound.
Within these frequencies of beauty is a path of strength and evolution.
Breathe deeply of the sparkling Prana of the Life Force.
Feel the Joy of Awakening.
The light of your inner sun shines brightly, awakening every cell.
Breathe deeply into the vision of possibilities now made manifest.
Follow the feeling tones with your breath and your bliss.
In this Oasis we share, we approach you with the living water of life’s creative flow.
Enjoy. Be In Joy.
Drink deeply of the nectar of vitality, rejuvenation and freedom.
Nourish your Body of Light -- be forever refreshed.
In these frequencies we are moving energy....
we are restranding the DNA....we are connecting you with YOU.
You are becoming beacons of Light and transformation.
A synergy of essence, unity within the beauty and uniqueness of diversity.
Your lives are of a higher art -- Life affirming acts of Devotion and Love,
each as you are guided, from the most open place of clarity you can envision.
Become the living Grail in the essence of your becoming.
Paradise will manifest on Earth.

Believe. Feel. Receive. Act.

YOU are Shamballa

Welcome Home

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Abundance 1

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Abundance 2

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Listen Buy Song Shamballa ~ Journey Home ShapeshifterDNA

Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: Electronic Ambient PsyChil Trance, cyberShamanic, drone, psychedelic, psytrance, dream trance, uplifting trance, space

Abundance : 21:49
Opening : 7:52
Clearing : 32:08