Abundance Series ~ Sanctuary

image of Sanctuary soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
  • Meditation Level: Beginner
  • Excellent bridge for beginning Sound Healing work
  • Ideal for background healing sessions
  • Aligns one with the Elemental Kingdoms
  • Connects you easily and quickly with Soul Essence

This music will connect you through a Rainbow Bridge with the profound assistance now available from the Shining Ones - the Elementals, Devics, Sidhe, Fae, Leprechaun and Elven realms. This communion will transform your reality in a new, different, more profound and multi-faceted way than you have ever experienced. These vast and wise energies are actively and energetically participating with us in the creation of this music through the gifting of these harmonic and melodic invocations. Allowing oneself to deeply commune with these energies through these sonic gateways will bring the empowering essence of that magic into the greatest life affirming tangible transformation, abundance and manifestation into all aspects of your lives.

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A place we all call Home — a Sanctuary where we can retreat to when we need to go within to our private inner space. This soundscape is an evolution from our Healing CD, one that is loving, gentle, soothing, calming and deeply powerful in its essence. We are adding this to our Abundance Series because we feel in order to truly appreciate the many levels of Abundance in our lives, we need to retreat often to our home sanctuary to renew, regenerate and ReJuvenate.

It is recommended to work with this soundscape anytime you want to just move into a peaceful, loving state. It will be good to listen to in between working with some of the more challenging soundscapes in our catalog — a respite, a breath of fresh air to sooth the soul before you dive back in for more transformational work.

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Sanctuary Medley

Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: electronic ambient chill, cyberShamanic, dream trance, space

Track: Sanctuary : 60:12
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