Abundance Series: ReJuva

image of Abundance Series: ReJuva soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
  • Meditation Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Fun & Playful, yet powerful and transformative
  • Activates Rejuvenation protocols in cellular matrix
  • Reclaims the playfulness of your inner child
  • Expands the energetic matix to connect with higher realms
  • Active and expansive energy, varied themes throughout
  • Aligns multidimensional selves with higher Abundance templates

ReJuva is a 2-CD set, the first CD is all music and the second CD has a poetic intro added at the beginning of each section to enhance your experience with the music. The music is designed to open new pathways in your entire auric field. It is important to keep the energetic signatures of the song titles in mind as you listen to each section of the music. During your first initial listening sessions, use the vocal CD and focus on the name of each track title and then the sub-title in your consciousness. Once you feel comfortable understanding the deeper meanings within each section, then shift to the first CD and work only with that one. Use the second CD as needed to remind you of the intent within each phrase; as a refresher.

Emanations of DNA Activation, awakening all aspects of our Abundance, we embrace the body temple & Gaia through the waters of ReJuva-nation.

There is a book that accompanies this release to help you go deeper into the Abundance process — ReJuva: The Secret of Abundance. The book will also enhance your knowledge with more details about the importance of the energy within each passage. It will be clear to you when each section transitions to the next as the music clearly shifts between each phrase of music. Ask your guidance to share knowledge and wisdom from the higher dimensional realms as to their importance in this piece. Use it to rejuvenate the physical body back to an ideal youthful persona which awakens the higher levels of Abundance in your life.

Listen to Entire Soundscape

Light of the Grail: Solar Initiation

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Living Waters: Like a Lotus Unfolding

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Integration of the Five Elements: Golden Flower

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Invitation: Eagle's Gift

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Light of the Grail: Jewel

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Superluminal: Whispers of the Stars

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Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: Electronic Ambient Chill, Dream Trance, Psychedelic, Space

Living Waters : 10:14
Invitation : 10:06
Manifestation : 10:00
Superluminal : 10:09
Integration of the Five Elements : 10:00
Light of the Grail : 18:45
Rejuvenation : 10:00