Journey of the Soul

image of Journey of the Soul soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
  • Meditation Level: Intermediate
  • Powerful journey for Soul Retrieval work
  • Excellent for deepening meditation
  • Flowing style great for massage/reiki sessions
  • Connects One intimately with Source Vibration
  • Ideal for Shamanic Journeys and Ascension sessions
  • Encourages explorations of Life Path & Purpose

Our soul's journey begins as a pulse in the vast cosmic sea of consciousness . . . . . Source Vibration. We emerge into form . . . . . our bodies; Our Gift. We seek continually from life to life to evolve; to be more, to become more . . . . . always searching, learning, growing. Absorbing and integrating data streams . . . . . gaining in wisdom. Our journey is timeless . . . . . an endless adventure of wonder and magic. Spinning and spiraling through fractalized experiences we call our Life Path. With our hearts open wide, we embrace this ONE Great Love. Ascending to the 5th World, we take our place as co-creators sharing our Light on the Journey of the Soul.

While listening to this soundscape, contemplate your journey from the very beginnings of your existence to where you are now. Spend time exploring all aspects of the dimensional realms in which you vibrate, hold frequency, resonate — Exist. Encoded information will be released from your DNA codex to reveal more about your joy, passion, purpose and mission while here on Planet Earth . . . . the Journey of your Soul continues.

Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: Electronic Ambient, PsyChill, Dream Trance, Space

Journey of the Soul : 44:59

Journey of the Soul

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