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Our Musical Soundscapes are Ideal for
Beginners to Advanced Meditators
or anyone Consciously Engaging with
Sound to Enhance their Life's Journey

Meditation • Sound Healing • Spiritual Awakening • DNA Activation

Stress Relief • Creativity Enhancement • Advanced Learning • Consciousness Expansion • Shamanic Journeying • Intuitive/Psychic/ESP Development • Astral Travel/OBE • Remote Viewing • Lucid Dreaming • Brainwave Entrainment • Movement/Dance/Yoga/Exercise • Manifestation/Abundance Generation • Breathwork • Rejuvenation • Ascension and more . . .

Get started today and learn how our music can enhance many aspects of your life by listening to our soundscapes with conscious, focused intent.


(includes 10 Minute DNA Soundfile & Intro PDF Slides)


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