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DNA Activation for the
Evolution of your Soul Essence
& the Rejuvenation of the Body Temple



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DNA Activation using Multidimensional Music & Sound


Activate the process of recoding/restranding your multi-Strand DNA Matrix

Accelerate your Evolutionary Path of Light

Harmonize & Balance your Bio-energetic Field of Light

Balance Chakras and Awaken Kundalini Energy

Enhance your Connections to Higher Sources of Guidance & Wisdom

Increase your Light Quotient

Awaken your Intuitive/Empathic & Psychic Abilities

Prepare your energetic bodies to assimilate the
higher frequencies entering the planet

Ground your higher potentials into tangible result

Prepare your body of Light for Ascension in alignment with the 2012-2032 Incoming Waves of Light

and more....

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DNA Activation Music -- Three Levels Available
Each CD Series builds upon the preceding one



DNA.Activation.LevelOne 1-2-3-4
4 CD Set plus Companion Guide
by Shapeshifter

Transcendent Soundscapes that will
envelop, transform and uplift your vibrational essence
Reawaken the frequency maps on your Evolutionary Path of Light
(what was hidden, is now revealed)
Modulate the Lifewave

Single CDs $26.50 / $20.00 FLAC-AppleLossless Download / MP3 Download $18.00

Set of 4 CDs plus Book $112.50 / $81.95 FLAC-AppleLossless/PDF



DNA #1

DNA #2

DNA #3

DNA #4

DNA 1.5 Lucidity


What is DNA Activation ?

What Results can I Expect?

Tell me more about the
DNA Activation LevelOne Soundscapes

How do I listen to these

How does these Sounds
Activate my DNA?

How will doing this work assist me on my
Spiritual Path?

Why does one want to
Activate their DNA?

What does the 12 - 22 - 3000 Strands
of DNA mean?

Who created these

How does the DNA Activation book
assist me with this Process?



Our approach spans the earth-based scientific to the farthest realms of consciousness explorations -- this Work, which we have spent our lifetime crafting and developing, is a synergy and a blending of many different teachings, philosophies and theories in the multi-faceted realms of the unfolding Human Potential. We are cyber-shamans, we share with you our explorations into the multi-dimensional realms of Light, Sound and Color. Enjoy your Journeys! ~Shapeshifter

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From the deepest space within, waveforms of a higher implicate order resonate the codes within the DNA, unfolding the magic and wonder of all that you truly are. This set is a powerful channeling of original soundscapes created with the intent to activate the codex within the DNA, the bridge between the multiple dimensions of matter and the Divine. Travel on cyber-shamanic journeys into the many faceted realms of Light and Awareness. Each CD is a 50 minute journey shapeshifting through the infinite probable realities of your being, awakening and activating your unfolding potential. These world-class ambient adventures, with many space music elements, take you through inner and outer landscapes for deep consciousness explorations into the very heart & soul of All That Is. The soundscapes of this series are very multidimensional, shifting and changing each time you listen. Utilized with conscious intent, they are profoundly powerful tools to prepare you for the next wave in evolution now manifesting on the planet.

Consider this for just a moment: In the wondrous body human, the "double serpent" DNA strands within the nucleus of each cell, if stretched end to end, would be over 125 billion miles long. This biotechnology contains over a hundred trillion times as much information as our most sophisticated storage devices. DNA is composed of a hyper sophisticated language within the 2 genomes and their backup copies contained in each human cell. Within the genomes, the dual ribbon DNA winds around itself forming 23 chromosomes in two pairs. The total genetic information, within these structures, is a sequence of over 6 billion base pairs or 12 billion "letters." The code for the proteins and enzymes, the genes, represents roughly only 3 percent of the mapped human genome. The function of the remaining 97% is as yet unknown to conventional science. We believe that the repeat sequences of this 97% contain coded information to evolve the energetic structure of the body human, spirit in form. It is our sincere intent to activate this dormant information through the higher vibrational energy of sound, to "Modulate The Lifewave." Go Deeper!

  • Our Approach to DNA Activation
  • DNA FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  • DNA Research
  • About the Creators - Gary Chambers & JoAnn Chambers / Shapeshifter
  • Listening Suggestions
  • Sound Files
  • Effects/Benefits
  • The Odyssey - DNA Activation Sound Environment
  • Dancing Helix - spinning DNA mobile
  • Articles written by Shapeshifter


    DNA 1.5 Lucidity

    Lucidity - lu·cid'i·ty

    Listen to a Medley of sounds from this Release

    DNA 1.5 is a bridge, an encoded gateway of sonic transmissions that will take you from the foundations of DNA Activation LevelOne into the more expansive shamanic multidimensional worlds of DNA.L2.2012. As the inertial pull of the 3D world spirals downward into a generated control structure illusion of darkness and fear, limitation and lack; the new 5th World of Light rises up in a necessary response with a clearer expression of our divine heritage.


    DNA 1.5 Lucidity CD $30.50

    FLAC or Apple Lossless Download $24.00 / MP3 Download $22.00





    6 Soundscapes of Accelerate Frequencies to Assist
    in moving into Continual Alignment with the 2012 Timelines

    Series includes
    6 Soundscapes
    (CD, FLAC or AppleLossless formats)

    plus Bonus Extras (MP3 Files Only)
    Composer's Cut
    (Gary & JoAnn share thoughts)
    Guided Journey
    (introductory journey)
    (subspace communications)
    Personal Guidance, Teleconferences, Collaboration Projects with Shapeshifter


    Sold individually or as a set of 6

    Singles ~ $81.45 CD / $74.95 FLAC & AppleLossless
    MP3 Download $72.95

    Set of 6 ~ $453.77 CD / $415.22 FLAC & AppleLossless




DVD Training Program

Shamanic Journeys into the Multidimensional Timestream
(this is a series of 2 DVD presentations that accompany the DNA Activation soundscapes)

ActivateYourDNA #1 (DVD Format)

Focus: Building a Strong Spiritual Foundation for working with the soundscapes

This first training piece will provide you with the foundation needed to fully engage with the soundscapes. It covers grounding, increasing Light energy, balancing chakras, expanding your auric field, connecting with your Higher Self and Activating your DNA. This presentation uses graphics, animations, vocal tracks and guided imagery exercises to teach this information. Content can be purchased on DVD or as downloadable files.

ActivateYourDNA #2 (DVD Format)

Focus: Teaches one how to work with multidimensional sound, to become the Music

There are 8 journeys in this presentation that will help you to get the most out of listening to our multidimensional music. This presentation uses graphics, animations, vocal tracks and guided imagery exercises to teach this information. Content can be purchased on DVD or as downloadable files.

$39.95 DVD / $35.50 Downloads
Sold individually for $3.50 to $5.00 each




Dancing Helix - spinning DNA mobile

"Using Nature as my inspiration, the Dancing Helix is a visual metaphor into the mystery of the rhythmical formative patterns that lie behind all we see and experience. DancingHelix is a springboard for the imagination and brings the viewer both peace and energy."
                 -Laury Ostrow, creator


Models Sold: Nova & Ying Yang
Nova is multi colored raingow beads; YingYang is black and white)
includes Orbitor Motor and 1.5" lead crystal bottom weight

Comes in 2 sizes - 52" & 74"





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