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Who we Are: We are a creative Music & Multimedia production company

The Creators: Gary & JoAnn Chambers

Band Name: ShapeshifterDNA

Current Project Focus: Temple of the Divine MUSE / TDM (a virtual temple of sound)

What we Do: Create Multidimensional Music & Sound and multimedia-based content to support the Music (writings, recordings, podcasts, videos, etc.)

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Our Mission: To create transformational music and related projects to support those who walk a Path of Conscious Evolution MORE INFO

What we Offer: Music, Books, Music Videos, Podcasts, Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance, Concerts, Events, Workshops, Webinars & Presentations

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Gary & JoAnn Chambers / ShapeshifterDNA

We have been creating, developing and researching frequency based sound and music for over 30 years. Several hundred thousands of listeners all over the planet have engaged with our Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions (QSET), experiencing profound transformational effects on many levels.

Gary Chambers, creator of QSET, is a keyboard synthesist, composer and master sound designer. He has been immersed in sonic fields of non-linear information via direct connection to various sources of life affirming intention since he was 5 years old. He is an old Soul on an Earth mission to assist in the evolutionary shifts of humanity from 3rd density to more expansive 5th World realms of Life Expression; a fully conscious transformational process. His leading edge creations realize the full frequency and harmonic content of the sounds available through modern electronic music technology. These compositions and the sounds that comprise them are brought forth to support body and Soul with higher balance and focused intent. He is commited to his personal evolutionary process, which is deeply engaged with his musical creative process and all facets of his personal life path.

JoAnn Chambers is a psycho-physical-spiritual therapist/sound healer/shamanic guide who has been working with clients utilizing these soundscapes in her private practice since 1986. She offers an abundance of knowledge, wisdom and insights about how to work with this music for optimal results throughout all phases of one’s transformational journey. She uses music and sound as a potent way to guide clients into the experience of both their inner and outer worlds; integrating them into an empowered state of being. Her guidance is for those who walk a dedicated path towards transformation and concious ascension. She is also a multimedia artist and creates all the content, art and designs surrounding all their projects and her vocal sound healing tones are heard throughout many of the soundscapes.

Gary and JoAnn are twin flames and have been creative partners since their divinely blessed union in 1987, joining both their unique talents into a complementary expression of higher creativity. Their combined gifts of music, art and writing are shared with impeccable sincerity, to assist humanity in the next steps of true Freedom and Conscious Evolution. It is their life’s mission to ride the sonic waves of multidimensional realms on the leading edge of conscious evolution now unfolding on the planet — to assist humanity to tangibly connect with both the outer and inner worlds of manifestation.

As you listen to our various musical soundscapes, it is our sincere intent that you will discover your deepest joys and passions for living full and meaningful lives, while being fully conscious of each phase. As a species gifted with powerful potentials and destined for greatness far beyond our current limited reality matrix, it is ironic that most individuals have lost their connection to the deeper aspects of the living sea of information contained within our Vibrational World. We are here to teach you how to Reconnect to these Worlds of Magic and then to use that knowledge and understanding to achieve tangible results in your daily lives.

Enjoy your Journeys, Gary & JoAnn