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FREE Pastlife Mini Reading

• Ever wonder what time periods you have lived before?
• Ever wonder what part of the planet you have incarnated before?
• Ever wonder where you and your friend, mate or family member
    shared a pastlife experience before?
• Ever wonder what talents and gifts you learned in other lives?
• Ever wonder what personality traits you developed from other lives?

If you have ever been curious about any of the above questions, we offer you a FREE Geographic Pastlife Reading to help you begin the process of uncovering these mysteries of your life. This is a mini-reading that will help you to unfold answers to these questions. It is just a starting point for further explorations.


To begin your reading, take a moment to relax and contemplate what area of your life you would like to focus this reading on. Choose any of the following areas:

General    Relationships   Talent    Health    Money    Karmic

Close your eyes and sit for a minute or two and really give some thought to the situation in your life that you are seeking guidance on. Bring all thoughts and visions related to this into the forefront of your consciousness and ask your Higher Self to bring you information for your highest good at this time.


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Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance

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(Q&A format - learn more about the many facets of spiritual development, chakras,
auras, DNA activation, multidimensional sound healing, ascension, 2012, and more)

Pastlife Explorations

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(features a special guest whose pastlife will be explored and then following
this discussion it will open up to a Q&A Format)

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To support your sessions with Shivanti, we highly recommend the various soundscapes available from Visionary Music.

If you would like to learn more about our transformational work using multidimensional music, request our free packet of info below.

HealingMyth, Magic & MysteryOdysseyDNA Activation LevelOneShamballa Journey HomeReJuvaTransmissions of Light Codes11:11Touch of AngelsSanctuaryDNA 1.5 LucidityDNA.L2.2012
(excellent for enhancing meditations, sound healing and all Light Body/Ascension Techniques)


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