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About the 3rd Eye's Philosophy

We are not based on any religion or specific set of teachings, rather we embrace the Light in all of these constructs. We prefer to remain open and eclectic in our approch to the spiritual journey. We are shamanic travellers who have spent many lifetimes traversing these multidimensional realms and it is from that experience that we offer our guidance to you in these forms.

Personal transformation requires the examination of many belief systems; those you have adopted from society and family teachings. The core of our shared existence is at the threshold of change - it is time for new beliefs to come fully into being. This transition will illuminate the way we interact with ourselves, family, friends and our environment as we move into a new, more expansive way of being.

The 3rd Eye offers you personal one-on-one guidance in discarding limiting concepts that no longer serve your quest for evolutionary purpose on planet Earth. If you are willing to embrace change, we will open your minds and your hearts. Your consciousness will expand and your life will flow in alignment with the planetary shifts that are now upon us.

We utilize the multidimensional soundscapes from Visionary Music/ShapeshifterDNA as part of the teachings when working with you. You will find them very helpful to work with as they assist to increase your Light Quotient. We will help you to understand and implement them in to your life to assist you on your journey. Music & Sound is one of the most profound tools that you can be using during these times to consistently help you to increase the positive vibrations around you at all times. It is not necessary to have any of the CDs before you get a reading. We recommend you start with our FREE DNA Activation packet to get started learning more about this transformational work with sound.

We are dedicated to a life path of assisting individuals through this transformational process of integrating the higher vibrations into one's life in a balanced way. We will assist by teaching higher principles of Lightbody/Ascension development and how you can use this knowledge in your daily life to create solutions to real-world challenges and situations. The soundscapes are used as energetic support to help you to integrate the higher frequencies flowing on the planet in ever increasing waves.

Guidance available on this site should be considered Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and not a psychic reading. We do not offer any prophecies or definitive guidance on what path you choose to walk, we only point you in the energetic directions that hold the highest frequencies of Light. We are here to empower you to shine your Light. If you are not clear on the difference between a psychic reader and a spiritual guide, please review this article -- Intuitive Spiritual Guidance vs. Psychic Readings

We are always available if you have questions and need some assistance in deciding which reading is most beneficial for you at this time.


JoAnn Chambers
727.235.6302 • SKYPE: JoAnn Chambers


Read Article for deeper understanding of the difference between Psychic Readings vs. Spiritual Guidance  

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Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance

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(Q&A format - learn more about the many facets of spiritual development, chakras,
auras, DNA activation, multidimensional sound healing, ascension, 2012, and more)

Pastlife Explorations

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(features a special guest whose pastlife will be explored and then following
this discussion it will open up to a Q&A Format)

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To support your sessions with Shivanti, we highly recommend the various soundscapes available from Visionary Music.

If you would like to learn more about our transformational work using multidimensional music, request our free packet of info below.

HealingMyth, Magic & MysteryOdysseyDNA Activation LevelOneShamballa Journey HomeReJuvaTransmissions of Light Codes11:11Touch of AngelsSanctuaryDNA 1.5 LucidityDNA.L2.2012
(excellent for enhancing meditations, sound healing and all Light Body/Ascension Techniques)


The 3rd Eye
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DISCLAIMER: (for obvious reasons) The information offered on this site should be considered spiritual in nature and not based in scientific fact. This type of guidance is not recognized to be truth by current medical models and should not replace your doctors opinions. You are ultimately responsible for the reality you experience and therefore create. It is intended for spiritual explorers on the leading edge of consciousness explorations.

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